Lumpkin Campsite Roster

Lumpkin Campsites are all named after Cherokee Villages. 

Tugaloo Campsite Located across from the Caretakers Cabin, along Nichols Branch. The site will hold 10 tents easily. There are 2 picnic tables in the site. Tugaloo means Forks of a Stream, and indeed there is a small stream that feeds into Nichols Branch at this site. 

Watauga Campsite Located between the parking lot and the campfire circle. This small site is perfect for a patrol or small troop. Watauga is the Cherokee name for the Oriole. 

Cowee Campsite Located above the COPE high ropes course, the site is equipped with 2 picnic tables, A nice area with room for 6-8 tents. Cowee is the Deer Clan Town. 


Kituhwa Campsite Located across the stream and past the parking lot, the site is adorned with a large gateway. The campsite is big enough to hold 8-10 tents and is equipped with 2 picnic tables. Kituhwa means Night Hawk. 

Qualla Campsite Located at the end of the property at the end of the Sheltowee Nature Trail. A small site suitable for a patrol with 2-4 tents. Qualla was the name of the daughter of a local trader. Her actual name was Paula, but the Cherokee enunciation sounded like Qualla, hence the name lives. 

Tallulah Campsite Located behind the Vargas Family Cabin, across the power-lines in a quiet grove of trees. Equipped with 2 picnic tables and room for 8-10 tents. Tallulah means woodpecker Town. 

Nikwasi Campsite This site is yet to be developed and will be located on the northern edge of the camp with a magnificent view of White Rock Mountain. When complete the site will hold a troop of 40. Nikwasi means star, and was the name of an ancient Cherokee town where Franklin now stands. 

Echota Campsite Location to be determined. 

Cullaowhee Campsite Location to be determined. 

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